Our Services

In addition to selling and educating customers about fine jewelry and gemstones, Zabler Design Jewelers offers an extensive number of services. Please call us if you need help with something not listed! (630) 323-6269

Diamond and loupe

Insurance & Estate Appraisals

Let us help you determine if an estate or insurance appraisal is needed and provide you with available options. If you are looking to sell your jewelry, you may not need a professional jewelry appraisal report. 

At Zabler Design Jewelers, we can offer a complimentary verbal “offer to buy”. Otherwise, we do offer formal written Estate and Insurance Replacement Appraisals on both current and antique jewelry and watches. Fee will be provided at time of intake. 

We provide complimentary appraisals and updates on any jewelry item purchased at Zabler Design Jewelers. 

Custom Design

Design is our middle name. Let our team of designers work with an existing idea you may have or make suggestions to create the piece you’ve been envisioning. Learn more about our in-house custom design process. 

Diamond & Gemstone Repair

Did you know that even though diamonds are the hardest natural substance, they can still chip and break? Fortunately, they can also be repaired. If we notice a chip upon inspection of your jewelry item, we will recommend addressing it. Gemstones over time can become abraded (scratched) and also chipped from wear. Bring your stone back to its brilliance with polishing and cutting. 


There’s nothing like personalizing a piece of jewelry to make it a special heirloom. Choose between the richness and creativity of hand engraving or the simplicity and cost savings of machine engraving. 

Either creates a wonderful keepsake. 

bench soldering

Jewelry Repair

We provide repair on both modern and antique jewelry and our repair services range from simple epoxying a missing pearl, soldering a charm or broken chain, restringing a beaded necklace, sizing a ring, rhodium plating gold, replacing and tightening stones, retipping prongs and repairing cracks, to name a few. 

We recommend bringing in your jewelry every 6 months to 1 year to have us clean and check it for signs of wear and tear. Most often, issues can be caught in the early stages and are straightforward repairs!

Watch Repair

We offer automatic and quartz movement watch repairs and cleanings, as well as work with an Authorized Rolex center for repair and refinishing.

We also service antique winding and pocket watches over 100 years old and offer dial refinishes when needed.

Refurbishing a watch by replacing a scratched or chipped crystal or having the band and bezel polished can have a big impact. 

Watch battery replacement and watchband link service can typically be done with the customer waiting. 

watch repair
scrap pile


We’re always interested in purchasing unique antique and/or estate jewelry. In addition, we purchase diamonds and scrap gold and sterling silver (composed of unwanted styles or damaged jewelry).