Custom Design

Creating something out of nothing might seem daunting to some, but not at Zabler Design Jewelers! Let us guide you through the custom process to create your dreamed-of jewelry. 

Whether you want to redesign existing jewelry that is not your style anymore, or create an entirely brand-new piece, our staff of designers is here to help. We specialize in creating (and recreating) unique custom jewelry. 

Custom Design Process

Initial Consultation

To begin, please call, email, or use the form below for an initial consultation. We will discuss the type of piece you would like to make, what metal(s) and gems to incorporate, and the timing of the project. Pictures showing details you like are helpful at this time. If you have no idea where to start, please come in and we can show real-life samples to help visualize the design.


Based on your direction we refine the design, often doing preliminary drawings, and work up an estimate. Once you like the design we establish and approve the estimate. Next we move to the computer!

CAD Image

To begin the CAD process (computer-aided design) we ask for a $350 deposit (more complex designs and larger pieces may require a higher deposit). This covers the CAD and 3D printing fees. Then we create the CAD and realistic renderings of various angles. These images will be emailed or shown in person to you for review and approval. 

Wax Prototype

Once you approve the CAD, the prototype ‘wax’ gets 3D-printed. We will show you this wax in person and you can see your piece realized in its actual dimensions!


Fabrication & Finishing

After you approve the prototype, your jewelry piece is cast, polished, and set with any stones. Congratulations, you now have your finished custom designed jewelry piece!

Custom Design Request

Have a project idea? Let us help you bring it to fruition! Use the form below to contact us with your request and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours.